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With over 20 years in the motor trade we have worked on all types of vehicles and our experience in high quality paintwork polishing, paintwork refinishing and valeting has attracted the attention of owners and dealers of multimillion pound classics to everyday driving cars. Even new vehicles benefit from our skills, removing swirls and scratches and more

Our skills have been noted as one of the best in the business, delivering consistent, stunning results above many large, national detailing companies. Something we're extremely proud of and once you've used us, you'll know why.

We're constantly learning and evolving but we developed our skills working for Mercedes Benz in Fellbach, Germany later working for Ferrari at dealership level preparing some of the rarest cars to leave Maranello. We're still heavily involved with the brand and proud to look after many historic Ferrari's for the worlds no1 bluechip dealer Talacrest 

Ultimately we love cars and share your passion, no matter what brand or condition we'll always be happy to help. After all, it's the final reveal that makes it so enjoyable for us and our clients.

“The best I've seen in 30 years in the motortrade"

John Collins | Talacrest Classic Ferrari's


We believe in low quantity high quality, a reason why we've kept our studio small working on one vehicle at a time. You can't rush perfection.

We are more than happy to discuss cars and car care wether you're a client or not, we think our knowledge and skills shouldn't be kept a secret.

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Renovatio :n (Reno-var-tio) latin origin, 

renewal, renovate, restore

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