Protect and enhance with Diamonds

Perfectly beautiful and highly prised, Diamonds have always been associated with the finer things in life. Not only are they renowned for their elegance, diamonds are incredibly hard and durable.


Finally, a way has been made in which Renovatio client's vehicles can benefit from this same hardness and pure brilliance of Diamonds curtsey of Diamas from SiRamik.


Diamas is an aggregated liquid diamond coating and the only coating on the market to contain real diamond particles which bond together to form a durable, perfectly clear and incredibly reflective second surface. This second surface protects the paintwork from light scratches, chemical and natural attack from bird lime, tree sap and more. 


Diamas has been thoroughly tested by ourselves on Ferrari Mclaren and even Pagani and it's results have truly amazed. We've even subjected coated vehicles to cheap hand car wash establishments, once a no-go activity and have outperformed any other coating on the market to date we've tested before. 


Durability has always been on the top of our list when it comes to vehicle coatings, not only is Diamas incredibly tough, but thanks to the unique way Diamas contains nano scale real diamonds it's the gloss that really stands out, something only a diamond can replicate. 


Diamas in a truly exclusive product, with only a small handful allowed to use and apply this product worldwide. To find out more contact us. 



Benefits of our Diamas treatment

  • The latest technology in paintwork protection.

  • Tough and durable, last 3+ years

  • Unrivalled shine and gloss.

  • Hydrophobic water-repelling effect helps vehicle stay cleaner for longer.

  • Free interior detail and leather protection

  • Annual inspection at no extra charge.

  •  20% discount on car care products purchased through us.

  • Multi-vehicle discount 

  • Full aftercare support and car care tips for life.


New car treatment £1500+vat

Older vehicles £1850.00 +vat

Processes as per 


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