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“My husband calls him Magic Martin, best his car has ever looked”

G. Warren

Quite simply stunning results.

R. Price

Can't fault Martin, he has a real passion for what he does. Best I've used.

W. Gomez 

Great Job on my S3 Martin, very pleased indeed! For anyone that's thinking of booking Martin to do their car, just give him a call, after a few minutes of conversation you will be impressed by the obvious passion that he has for his chosen art form

Lee Matcheswala

Martin is just what I wanted when I handed over the keys to my 2010 M3 - a perfectionist. Every detail had been lavished with attention and after 2 solid days of hard work. I couldn't have been happier with the end result. Having been guilty of being the sort of owner who rarely takes the time to put a bucket of water over my car let alone pay to have it detailed, Martin turned a rather dull example into a car that has a depth of colour, I don't think possible. Incredible service and a highly recommended professional. Thank you, Martin, I'll be booking in again when I get back from the 'ring!

Mark Eames

Where and how do I start? 

First meeting with Martin was a passing interest when I saw his equipment (was photographing a car - I'm into photography!) so went for a chat. Lovely bloke, took some time out to talk to me, didn't brush me off or anything which was nice. Then saw some of the cars coming in and out (work on the same estate) and couldn't believe the difference! Looked him up on Facebook and liked the page and from then on just kept nosing out of the window until I plucked up enough courage to ask for a price. Thought it would be priced WAY out of my league. However, was VERY surprised by the price - well worth it and within budget!! 

He totally knows his stuff and I was impressed by his professionalism, his work ethos, and his general caring demeanour {and not at all stuck up like I thought he would be in that profession lol}. He was totally up front with what he could and couldn't do with regards to any blemishes I had on my bodywork. He quoted, worked tirelessly to get it finished, and was true to his word. I was super impressed when I saw it! Didn't think it was possible to see my car THAT clean and shiny. When I first drove it after the treatments it was like he had somehow made it more aerodynamic!! It was amazing! It seemed to go faster and sleeker just by being buffed and treated!!! You could have knocked me down with a feather. 

My husband is very hard to please (I should know, being married to him for 17 years and still not achieving that target!) but he was grinning in astonishment at the result. Here is it, still a few days in and STILL CLEAN. Normally it's been plagued by bugs/dust etc, but somehow it just doesn't seem to stick like it used
to ! 

If you are thinking of getting it done - I would have NO HESITATION in recommending Martin Barrow of Renovatio He is reliable, caring, professional, fair, honest {a rarity these days} and a pleasure to talk to.

The only fault I have is maybe clients should be provided with white gloves after the treatment as I have to keep wiping areas or finding areas I can touch to close my doors without getting my finger marks all over it!! 

I would also give him SIX stars - not five. AWESOME JOB!!!

Jax Bishop

“Bought a new Audi A3 and wanted to keep it looking good and regularly took it to a hand car wash place in Guildford, after 3 weeks I noticed scratches and swirls in the paint. I was recommended Renovatio Detailing by a work colleague. Contacted them and spoke with Martin and I was impressed with his enthusiasm and knowledge, I was really confident he’ll sort them out. In just two days my A3 was looking better than when I bought it and he had spent time protecting it as well which also makes it look amazing when it rain. Now I only have it washed by them, V happy”

John Allan

Great service Martin really knows his stuff, better than when it left Ferrari that's for sure.

L. Hopkins

“Bought my dream car back to life and love it all over again thank you”

Robin Owen

“Asked Renovatio to prepare my car for sale, once completed it looked so good I’ve decided to keep it”

Peter Wren

“I was recommended Martin through Nick George’s Mercedes Benz 3 years ago and he’s been looking after all our cars ever since”

A. Goldman


“I was let down by another company and happened to see Martin’s van and spoke to him about what services he offered. I was pleased that Martin had a genuine interest in my needs and invited him to view my collection. I was encouraged by his want to preserve the look of my cars and felt confident my collection is in safe hands”

Mr E

“I spoke with Martin at the NEC in Birmingham where my club had a stand at the Classic Car Show, he approached me and we discussed car care and wash methods etc. Most of our member’s cars have original paintwork so the condition was varied and he noticed all have swirls and very light scratches. Martin was confident he could rectify these and I was one of the first to take him up on his offer and I’m glad I did. The finish is outstanding and cannot wait until the new show season starts. We’ve been so pleased we’ve invited Martin to judge at the 2014 owners club meeting”

James Stafford 

Martin did a great job on under bonnet detailing on my 14 year old CLK430 - now looks new; must add value to the car but even more so it looks great every time I open the bonnet. Great value and a great guy to work with!

A Gilsenan 



“I hate writing reviews despite what experience I've had, but this is genuinely the first I've no issues doing. I've worked very hard to afford the vehicles I own and have trusted no one as much as I do Martin at Renovatio. My Ferrari has covered less than 500 miles and the paintwork was in an awful condition and was in need of an enhancement to remove marks on the paint. I wasn't expecting a cheap job, I was expecting the best and Martin delivered. Stunning work and would highly recommend.


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